Third Sector Excellence Awards 2014

Sector pre-eminence

The Third Sector Excellence Awards have rapidly gained pre-eminence as "the Awards to win" in this dynamic, challenging, yet hugely rewarding sector for registered charities, not-for-profits, social enterprises and campaigning groups.

With success, as the leading awards in the sector, has come a heightened diligence in the scrutiny and marking of entries. Beyond reproach for their objectivity and impartiality the Third Sector Excellence Awards are easy to enter, are judged by independent experts and receive unbeatable coverage in the pages of the sector's lead magazine and website.

The Awards aim to reward examples of outstanding campaigns, strategies, projects and performance, backed up by hard evidence of success. Winners receive their awards at an immaculately produced and staged dinner and ceremony in London each year. 


“It was fantastic for the work of Liliane to be acknowledged by a Third Sector Excellence Award for Charity Chair of the Year. It is a great honour, more so as her nomination was voted on by a panel of her peers. It is not always that the work of small charities, such as that of Survivors Fund (SURF), is recognised so publicly – but in doing so, it serves as a great celebration and validation of the effort that we expend in delivering the support we do. The challenge ahead is for us to build on the Award, in which Liliane will continue to play a leading role.”   David Russell, Chief Executive, Survivors Fund