Nilesha Chauvet

Managing Director, GOOD


Nilesha Chauvet is the Managing Director of GOOD. With almost 25 years of Client leadership experience, Nilesha is a Global Marketing & Communications expert with commercial Purpose and third sector Brand and Fundraising expertise.

She has previously led Brand and product launches across diverse sectors: automotive, healthcare, hair & beauty and alcohol at Agencies such as Bates Europe, JWT, Leagas Delaney and The & Partnership.

Previous Clients include KIA, Unilever, Avon, BASF, Toyota-- as well as Hyundai, where she led the European business whilst living in Frankfurt for 5 years.

Nilesha joined GOOD in April 2019. She now spearheads the Agency operations, is senior adviser to GOOD's diverse portfolio of Charity and Commercial Clients and is in charge of driving Agency growth.

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