Zoe Grant

Over The Wall


Zoe has totally transformed the volunteer programme for Over The Wall, (OTW), not only in scale but also in design, diversity and quality. In 3 years Zoe has grown annual volunteer numbers by 40% and created new opportunities for volunteering to underrepresented groups.
Zoe feels passionately about enabling those who have the most to gain, to volunteer. She devised and led a programme to recruit volunteers defined at ‘NEET’ (not in employment, education, and training). She has also created fabulous volunteer roles for people with disabilities and health problems; (30% of OTW volunteers in 2015 had a diagnosed health problem, compared to just 6% nationally).
Zoe has devised creative, innovative ways to promote a supportive volunteer ‘community’ which keeps volunteers engaged and energised, and encourages them to share their experiences, spreading the word about OTW and in the process, recruiting others.
Zoe’s personal care and attention to every volunteer is what makes her stand out. Despite the large numbers involved (638 volunteers in 2015), Zoe ensures every volunteer is confident, happy and secure in their role. She has made our volunteers feel so loved and valued that they tend not to leave! (Just under half our annual volunteers are ‘returners’). 

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