Web Guardians

JAN Trust


JAN Trust was founded in 1989 to work with vulnerable women and young people from BAMER and Muslim backgrounds to help them overcome barriers to integration and inclusion so that they can improve their prospects, not only for themselves but for their wider communities.

Through our grassroots community work, we became aware that many women using our services were concerned about the threat of radicalisation of their children. Having produced the report ‘“Internet Extremism: Working towards a Community Solution” JAN Trust was aware of the growing danger of the internet in radicalisation.

This research, combined with the results from consultations undertaken with our service users, highlighted that the vast majority of mothers had little to absolutely no knowledge of online extremism which informed the development of our Web Guardians© course.
The pioneering programme educates, supports and guides mothers, namely Muslim mothers to protect and safeguard their children and loved ones from online extremism and radicalisation.

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