WDP Capital Card®

Westminster Drug Project


WDP: London’s most innovative substance misuse provider
WDP maximizes every penny we receive from third sector funding. With our portfolio across London expanding, and the number of people beginning their recovery journey with us increasing, the Capital Card® is our flagship solution to enabling as many people as possible to achieve healthy lifestyles, free from the damaging impact of substance misuse.

Earn, Spend, Live®
Launched in April 2017, the Capital Card® is a sector first. WDP’s own service user loyalty card scheme rewards appointment attendance and treatment engagement through a simple earn-spend points system. By incentivising positive behaviour, service users accrue ‘Spend Points’ redeemable at ‘Spend Partners’ in their local communities. These recovery-focussed activities are as diverse as they are ever increasing but may include going to the gym, cinema tickets and adult learning courses, for example.

Communities together
The Capital Card® stemmed from our belief that recovery cannot be achieved behind the four walls of a treatment agency. Many service users have experienced profound isolation from their communities. The Capital Card® inverts this completely: by making community resources the fulcrum of long-term recovery our service users have come to see the community as the living embodiment of their recovery.

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