WaterAid: Untapped

Through engaging storytelling in real time, WaterAid took an ambitious approach to the global water crisis and changing normal forever. The campaign set out to raise awareness and funds for a DFID aid match campaign in a competitive fundraising marketplace and against a backdrop of anti-aid media coverage.

We wanted our audiences to feel part of a community where we work to build empathy and a inspire a two-way relationship. So, from November 2017 to January 2018 we welcomed people to Tombohuaun - a tiny village in the heart of Sierra Leone’s jungle – telling the story as water arrived for the first time.

‘Untapped’ was a fully integrated campaign across film, photo, media, digital, brand and editorial. Through innovative use of technology and channels we not only brought supporters closer to our work, but also inspired many new audiences; beating fundraising and engagement targets.

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