Look Good Feel Better


What was the aim?

The cancer support charity Look Good Feel Better was offered free digital poster advertising space in and around London, but it didn't have a suitable advert, or the budget to create one. Volunteers from the advertising sector gave their time to create a campaign to evoke empathy and support among women. The message was that inner strength is vital for all women, especially when struggling with the side-effects of cancer treatment.

What did it involve?

A professional photographer and a celebrity make-up artist donated their time to create images involving women who had attended the charity's workshops. A behind-the-scenes film of the photoshoot added another dimension to the campaign. #Warpaint4Life was launched on 11 June 2014 on a digital billboard in Vauxhall and appeared in 96 billboard sites and 35 shopping centres.

What did it achieve?

Magazines donated 51 pages of free advertising space. The value of all space donated for the campaign was more than £1.2m. The charity estimates it has been seen by 38 million people so far.

What did the judges say?

Jen Shang Sargeant, professor of marketing at Plymouth University, said: "This is a very inspirational, volunteer-led campaign."

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