Vinny Smith

Meningitis Research Foundation


In 2½ years since joining Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF), Vinny Smith has galvanised a sector and transformed a charity. He has helped enable the World Health Organization (WHO) to begin plans to create the first ever global roadmap for meningitis; presented to the UK’s Joint Health & Petitions Select Committee after the largest ever health petition called for the extension of MenB vaccines to older groups; helped secure government funding for a MenB study as a result; and lead the call for fairer vaccine decision making, resulting in the Public Health Minister being recalled to give evidence to the Petitions Committee and extensions to two public consultations on vaccines. In this same period, MRF rebranded; launched a new website; developed and launched a new strategy; restructured; introduced a new finance system; and reached the £3 million income mark for the first time. Vinny is a passionate advocate for the importance of the patient voice in all aspects of meningitis policy and the need to keep supporting those experiencing the disease. His efforts in the UK and globally have seen him present in the UK, US and Africa and he has joined the Steering Committee of the Global Meningococcal Initiative.

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