Victim Support

On 22 May 2017 a devastating terrorist attack took place at Manchester Arena leaving 22 dead, 500 injured and countless others affected emotionally and psychologically. 700 survivors turned to Victim Support for help.

Our volunteer team across the North of England have supported 394 people, the majority of whom were under 18 and the youngest of whom was six. Today they are still supporting 96.

For many of our volunteers, supporting survivors of a terrorist attack was a first. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to help people who have lost loves ones or experienced such trauma - for many of whom life will never be the same. The support of our volunteers has been invaluable, both to the families and survivors as well as to Victim Support as an organisation.

Victim Support provides specialist practical and emotional support to victims of all crime across England and Wales. Our team of specially trained staff and volunteers provide tailored support to meet the needs of every victim. As an independent charity our support is available whether or not the police are involved and we advocate on behalf of victims to ensure their rights are met throughout the criminal justice system.

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