Universal Credit: Filling the Gaps

The Trussell Trust


The Trussell Trust supports a network of over 420 foodbanks to provide emergency food to people in crisis, offer additional support and campaign for change, working towards a future where foodbanks are not needed. As a UK-wide association of frontline charities, we are able to harness the power of grassroots organisations to respond both on a practical local level and as one collective voice at a national level.

Over the last year, foodbanks have been responding innovatively to the challenges posed when there is an increase in referrals following Universal Credit rollout in their area, working hard to ensure people affected are able to access emergency food. At a national level, The Trussell Trust has worked alongside foodbanks to gather high quality evidence about the impact on people facing issues with the new benefits system; raise awareness about this impact; gather public support for practical change; and ultimately, to effect national policy change. Our work as a network over the last year has led to over 400 community charities feeding thousands of people left behind by the new system, playing a key role in shifting public opinion and securing landmark policy changes to try reducing the need for their work.

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