United Against Dementia - building a movement for change

Alzheimer's Society


One in three babies born today will develop dementia. It's the biggest health and social care crisis of our time. Yet, despite some progress, people with dementia tell us that they still face stigma, families sell their homes to pay for basic care and research remains woefully underfunded compared to other conditions.

Our United Against Dementia campaign needed to do many things. It needed to build recognition of a new brand developed to shout loudly about dementia, raise income and grow support. It needed to reflect the call of people with dementia for a new world, and exemplify the ambition of our new strategy to build that world. Against a relatively small spend, it succeeded.

More than a campaign, United Against Dementia is an ethos. This initial campaign burst - which woke up the nation to the scale of dementia and the need to act - was followed by the concept being mapped through all we do, from uniting broken families through our care to fixing the system. It deserves to win not just for achieving its objectives, but for its continued depth and momentum, and the fact it is owned by people beyond us in a movement for change.


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