United Against Dementia

Alzheimer's Society


I wish most of all for a society, with a big S, which does not still see dementia as a condition to be hidden away and stigmatised, but can accept the openness of someone who says, “Yes, I have dementia and I’m OK”.’

This quote from Shelagh, exemplifies why we decided to rebrand. Shelagh, like 850,000 other people, is living with dementia. Her desire for a fairer society highlights the need to bring dementia out of the shadows and challenge perceptions and misunderstandings.

Dementia will affect us all. In the UK, one person develops the condition every three minutes. Despite this dementia still doesn’t get the attention it deserves and many live without the care and support they need.

Our bold new brand was created make the issue relevant to everyone - and attract the support we need to tackle it. Our new strapline is our call to action, and our challenge to all: united against dementia. 

Our new brand is integral to our ambitious strategy. It has been designed to grab the attention of a wider audience: bilingual in Wales, effective on digital channels, with a symbol and bold graphic style that will stand out.

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