Tutors United

Tutors United envisions a world where income has no impact on education. That is why we are on a mission to use the power of tutoring to break down the barriers in education and enable every child to succeed!

We hire and train talented university students and deliver confidence-boosting, attainment-raising tutorials to pupils who fall between the cracks of the education system and would normally struggle to access tutoring from low-income and migrant backgrounds.

Officially registered in 2013 to tackle student unemployment and educational inequality, with an initial start-up grant of £1,800, over five years we have grown to provide employment to over 150 university students and tutored 800 primary school pupils across London and Cambridge.

Over the past year alone, Tutors United has grown exponentially, employing 60 university students and tutoring 450 pupils in need each week across 16 London boroughs and Cambridge, despite only having four full-time members of staff. Our programmes ensure that pupils leave primary school literate and numerate - on average our pupils progress in writing by one level and improve on their Maths results by 70% after just 13 hours of tutoring per subject to enter secondary school at or above the national average!

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