Transforming Childhood Adversity

Body & Soul


Body & Soul transforms the life-threatening effects of childhood adversity. Established in 1996 to address a gap in HIV services for children and families, we discovered that although HIV was the common thread connecting our members (service-users), they were also disproportionately vulnerable to experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences, whether that be abuse, neglect, or family breakdown.

A person who has experienced four or more Adverse Childhood Experiences is 2-times more likely to develop heart disease; 5-times more likely to have depression; 11-times more likely to be imprisoned; and 12-times more likely to attempt suicide.

We set about to establish new programmes of support for other communities at risk of experiencing childhood adversity and trauma.

In the last 12 months, we have firmly established two new core programmes for communities at risk of experiencing childhood adversity. Today, in addition to people living with HIV, we support: children and teenagers who have been adopted, and young people who have attempted or are at risk of suicide.

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