The Yogscast

Whale and Dolphin Conservation


The Yogscast are superstars of the gaming world and their reach and influence is exceptional. They run one of the biggest and most influential YouTube channels in the UK - the first ever to hit 1 billion views - and have since amassed over 20 billion views across their channels. Although focused initially on video games content the team, based in Bristol, include highly talented musicians, artists, animators and writers who create both gaming and live action content for their 25 million YouTube subscribers.

In 2011 the team at Yogscast ran their first ever charity fundraiser, encouraging viewers who offered to buy the main presenters, Simon and Lewis, Christmas presents to donate to charity instead. The growth in popularity of Yogscast has been matched by the incredible generosity of the team and their fans, who have donated over $11m to a range of charities, including WDC, in the last 6 years with the 2017 ‘Jingle Jam’ event raising $5.2m in December 2017.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation has been a Yogscast-supported charity since 2016 and has been lucky enough to receive the two biggest donations in our charity’s 30 year history (totalling over $900k) thanks to their unbelievable commitment and philanthropy.

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