The Mix

In 2016, Get Connected and YouthNet merged to form a multi-issue holistic service. We used opportunity to create a new brand, The Mix. This allowed us to engage young people with a dynamic identity, to reflect our extended service offering and to value the legacy of the two original charities.
With the support of M Six we worked with staff, volunteers, trustees and young people to develop the new identity and position. 

We have evolved a new set of brand values:

Empowering – we lead, train & support. We respect, give space to grow and give power to chose
Brave – we innovate, pioneer, take risks and tell it how it is 
Supportive – we listen, encourage, care, we’re understanding and are empathetic 
Collaborative – we are open & transparent, we co-create, respect experience & expertise 
Proactive – we create situations, make things happen and get things done 
Non-judgemental – we don’t judge, criticise and blame

In our first year, under the single identity, we reached over 2 million young people in the UK. 

The Mix now represents:
The Mix of issues we cover
The Mix of young people with their peer and experts to receive support
The Mix of channels used to deliver our services

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