The Funny Thing About Teaching

Education Support Partnership


Education Support Partnership hosted ‘The Funny Thing About Teaching’ - a fundraising comedy night to promote wellbeing for all staff working in the education sector. Two of our comedians had a background in teaching and all our comedians felt an affinity with teachers. The Funny Thing About Teaching took place in a venue local to the head office at Islington’s Union Chapel. The charity directly targeted local schools, teachers and supporters. Education Support Partnership’s target was to raise £16,000. They sold out the 900-seat venue and raised £21,000. Costs were low with the event delivered by the fundraising and marketing team. The event came alive under the hashtag #laughorcry achieving 31,000 hits on Twitter and 16,000 on Facebook. At least 60% of the audience were education staff and 226 attendees – 25% of the audience - signed up as potential new supporters. They each received a highly tailored supporter journey after the event to keep them engaged. As a small charity, every donor matters and we were really excited at potentially having more than 200 new donors as a result of this event. The Funny Thing About Teaching will now be an annual event.

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