The Daisy Garland

Set up in memory of our daughter Daisy in 2004, The Daisy Garland is the only national, registered charity working exclusively to support some of the 18,000 children in the UK who suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy – a devastating condition that shortens and destroys lives.

Over the past 14 years we have supported thousands of families in the following ways

We are the only charity to fund Ketogenic Dietitians in NHS hospitals nationwide, from Plymouth to Edinburgh. Since 2006 The Daisy Garland has introduced and established 13 successful ketogenic services, funding 18 dietitians successfully treating children with drug-resistant epilepsy with the ketogenic diet – a medically-supervised carbohydrate-restricted diet, high in fat with enough protein to allow for growth. A full-time dietitian costs £47K pa. Dietitians are usually funded for 2 years on the provision the NHS Trust takes over funding when our funding ceases. To date, this has proved 100% successful.

We provide grants for night-time breathing SATs/Epilepsy monitors (not available on the NHS) for use at home, keeping children safe whilst sleeping. A SATs monitor costs £880.

Via telephone, email, Facebook and Twitter. We produce/supply educational/advisory information for families, schools and medical professionals.

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