The Cake Campaign

Islamic Relief UK


The Cake Campaign used the holiest month of the year for Muslims, the month of Ramadan, in 2017 to raise funds for the crisis in Syria in an innovative way: donors pay £10 to Islamic Relief UK, for which they get a chocolate fudge cake and the knowledge that they are helping to save lives in Syria.

One of the main elements of success for the campaign is the fact that it is almost entirely volunteer-led. In 2017 alone, 800 volunteers signed up to deliver cakes up and down the country. Volunteers delivered the cakes to people’s doors during daylight hours when the majority of the volunteers were fasting.

The total cost of the campaign was just £2,000 which was mostly spent on printing branding and marketing material and raised £246,450 – in just one month, from 28 May until 24 June 2017.

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