The Bike Project

The Bike Project’s mission is to get refugees cycling. Every year 13,500 asylum seekers arrive in London and 27,500 bikes are abandoned. By refurbishing these bikes, The Bike Project helps one of the UK’s most vulnerable groups.
Claiming asylum in the UK can take years, during which time asylum seekers are forbidden to work and receive an allowance of just £36 per week. The Bike Project has proven that a simple donation of a refurbished bike can make a big difference. Our beneficiaries are better equipped to access vital services, more connected to their community, happier, healthier and financially better off because of our work.
In just four years, The Bike Project has 
* Donated 2,400 bikes including over 500 to refugee children
* Established workshop premises where refugees learn basic bike maintenance, become part of a supportive community and have the opportunity to move into volunteering and to gain further skills in bike maintenance
* Launched a refugee women’s project, teaching cycling proficiency in an all-female environment, to complete beginners. 
*Established links with over 40 refugee charities across London and the UK
* Established a successful social enterprise selling refurbished bikes online, with all profits supporting our work

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