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Our small charity is based in Dunstable, serving the Central Bedfordshire area. We produced an annual report that was much different than in previous years.

Despite having been established since 1984, Home-Start Central Bedfordshire has been referred to as a 'best kept secret'. Many people are surprised by the range of support we provide to the local community. In recent years we have started to rectify this issue. We saw our annual report as an opportunity to engage with not just stakeholders but also the local public.

The challenge was primarily to appeal and reach to the general public. We also needed to communicate the range of issues our charity helps. As we are a children and family charity, it was important that our brand and mission was at the forefront of the annual report design.

The annual report as a concept is a storybook, each chapter containing a service user story. At the end of each story are statistics/results from the period. We successfully utilised our website, social media advertising and an open day to distribute the annual report. The results far outreached our previous annual report releases.

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