Talking Buses Campaign

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The Talking Buses campaign aims to enable people with sight loss (and many others) to use buses safely and independently, by calling for audio-visual next stop and final destination announcements (AV) on buses. This technology is vital to independent travel yet currently only 19% of buses have it onboard and the majority of those are in London. The lack of AV means that people have to rely on bus drivers, other passengers, or smart phone technology to try and get to their stop. These are unreliable and frequently result in people with sight loss missing their stop. 

After 6 years of campaigning the Government introduced an amendment to the Bus Services Bill to require all buses in England, Scotland and Wales to provide accessible audible and visual on-board information. The new measure will enable people with sight loss to travel with confidence, reducing barriers to work and helping them to participate fully in society. It also helps tourists, people on unfamiliar bus routes and other disabled people.

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