Talk to Sellu - Messenger Chatbot

WaterAid UK


We designed a Facebook Messenger chatbot, ‘Talk To Sellu’, as an open-ended content journey with a wide range of paths to discover the story of life in the community of Tombohuaun, Sierra Leone. Guided by Sellu, a farmer and carpenter, users could explore the daily life and culture of this community. These content paths emphasised the similarities as well as differences of life in the UK and life in Tombohuaun, including the crucial role a lack of clean water and decent sanitation played on the health and wellbeing of the community.

Subscribers were invited to join in Tombohuaun's journey to with regular updates sent from Sellu as his community installed a new water source and toilets, as well as interact by sending their own questions and comments, leading to a unique content experience shaped by both the people we work with and our supporters.

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