Supporting young people in Scotland during the COVID-19 crisis

Young Scot


Here at Young Scot, as we anticipated the scale of the COVID-19 crisis, we began updating our website and social media channels seven days a week with the latest information for young people.


It was clear that young people were going to be one of the most affected groups. Overnight, they were unable to attend apprenticeships, work or university. Others began taking time off work or studies due to illness or caring for loved ones. For others, school closures got in the way of their exams.


It was easy for young people to feel scared by what they were hearing and there was an urgent need for specialised youth information. We quickly began publishing quality-assured information on what was happening including how to avoid catching COVID-19 and spreading it. We also published information about emotional wellbeing, and how to support others in the community. We shared this information in the digital spaces young people spend their time in Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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