Street League

As public trust in Charities has diminished over recent years, we must work harder to win back the faith of funders and the public by starting a “transparency revolution”. It is vital that organisations are more open about their true impact, including what they don’t get right so that supporters get a balanced view of how effective we are.

At Street League we set out to produce an annual report with a difference. One that went beyond just celebrating success but instead kick-started a movement towards greater transparency. We chose to talk up-front about all the things we didn’t get right, instead of our successes. The goal was to be bold and to encourage more charities to be transparent about challenges and how we learn from them. 

Our report was also underpinned by a social media campaign challenging the sector to get behind a transparency revolution called #callforclarity. We publicly set out “three golden rules” that would help to provide greater transparency about true long-term change and encouraged others to do the same. The campaign was supported by 108 other organisations/individuals in the industry and many have pledged to follow these golden rules within their own organisations.

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