Steve and Helen Backshall

World Land Trust


Separately, BBC Natural History presenter Steve Backshall and his wife, Olympic rowing champion Helen Glover have both been exceptional Charity Champions for World Land Trust (WLT). This past year they have worked together to raise awareness and funds for wildlife conservation through the charity, and WLT believes that they are jointly deserving of the award for the incredible impact they have made.

In 2015, WLT Patron Steve raised £50,000 in sponsorship when he completed the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race (called the ‘Canoeist’s Everest’) which directly funded the purchase and protection of 481 acres of Chocó rainforest in Colombia.

Steve’s passion for World Land Trust in turn inspired Helen, who became the face of the Trust’s Olympic Forest Appeal for a rainforest in Brazil, in 2016. Even in the midst of training for her second Olympic gold medal, Helen’s appeals on social media were critical and the appeal ended up exceeding its £40,000 target.

This year they combined their star power and exceeded all expectations in their ‘Race for Borneo’. They competed in the ‘Canoeist’s Everest’ together on Easter weekend, and their extensive fundraising and awareness campaign has exceeded their £100,000 target by almost £50,000 at time of writing.

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