Stephen Hale

Refugee Action


Stephen joined in February 2015. Within four months he faced the closure of a programme providing over 80% of total income. Yet two years on Refugee Action has a compelling strategy and programme achieving substantial positive changes for asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. His vision and leadership has made this possible.


Refugee Action’s new vision is to enable all refugees to successfully rebuild their lives. The new strategy confronts the particular challenges facing refugees. An influential new campaigns team works with others to tackle the root causes of the challenges facing refugees, while a new good practice programme improves the quality and quantity of support provided by others in the sector. The focus of the charity’s front-line services has also been transformed.


Stephen has established strong external relationships that have been crucial to success, while developing a highly capable management team. In the last year Refugee Action:


•Supported over 1,000 refugees resettled to the UK;

•Trained 120 people working for 57 other refugee charities;

•Secured a commitment from government of £10 million for English language classes for refugees;

•Achieved a 400% increase in income from both trusts and the public over two years. (2014-15 to 2016-17).

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