Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust


What was the campaign?

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust wanted to reach a key audience of 25 to 29-year-old women, the most likely group not to get cervical screenings. The #SmearForSmear campaign urged supporters to post "selfies" on social media with smeared lipstick to remind women of the importance of the tests. Celebrities, journalists and bloggers were encouraged to back the campaign.

How was it promoted?

The charity aimed to create a wave of activity during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. A press release was issued and posters placed in women's toilets across the UK.

What impact did this have?

Celebrity support helped the campaign go viral. The actor Stephen Fry tweeted about it and celebrities who posted selfies included the fashion models Georgia Jagger and Cara Delevingne.

The campaign gained 156 million Twitter impressions, netting the charity a 665 per cent increase in Twitter followers, and drove a 421 per cent increase in Facebookreach and a 49 per cent increase in website visits.

What did the judges say?

Lisa Pettifer, freelance communications consultant, said: "This was a very well thought-out campaign that strongly identified its key audience and the routes to reach them."

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