Since 1880, SJOG has been changing the lives of people across the UK by delivering on our purpose to meet need where we find it.

The charity is diverse, supporting disabled people, older people, people who are homeless, and people who have been subject to modern day slavery.

In 2018 the charity was faced with closure. Finances were in a state, there were no reserves, most services were unsustainable, and quality ratings were patchy. The charity had lost its way and was managing decline. By pulling together under a new senior team, colleagues have rediscovered the purpose, and the ambition of the charity. The method was simple talk together, listen to each other, identify the challenges together and then engage everybody in fixing them.

The charity is flying. In 2019 quality is up, the charity supported 27% more people, income was up 20% to £18million and the charity continues to grow at a pace to meet the need. The charity is now a community working together for a common purpose and the same energy and creativity that saved the charity is now focused on delivering the next generation of services to the people that we are here to serve.

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