Sexwise new campaign brand

Family Planning Association / IE Brand


The FPA needed an intriguing, witty brand and website to deliver straightforward information and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK.

With the backing of Public Health England, FPA wanted a new brand and website to combat the minefield of information on the internet and drive measurable improvements to public sexual health and wellbeing.

IE Brand co-created a digital campaign to reach a broad target audience – people of reproductive age (around 16-50), parents, and people with learning disabilities.

FPA’s content offers honest advice about contraception, pregnancy, STIs, and pleasure. The brand needed to strike the right balance: exciting yet reassuring and discreet, intriguing yet highly credible.

Following stakeholder research and testing, IE created an inclusive new campaign brand, messaging, tone of voice and the Sexwise name. The modern visual identity uses vibrant colours, collages and background effects. Combined with the subtly suggestive logo, it’s flexible enough to be dialled up – to portray a feeling of euphoria, energy and ecstasy – or dialled down to address more serious topics.

Sexwise is a sex-positive campaign brand that’s bold, fun and inclusive, but never clinical or preachy.

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