Ruth Wilkinson

Kent Union


Ruth is 23, but she has been the most inspirational and capable chair I have worked with in 25 years serving on charity Boards and 17 years as a chief executive. Our governance model involves the chair rotating annually and being elected from our membership, but Ruth got to grips with the role incredibly quickly. At £12M turnover, 600 employees and 2,500 volunteers, Kent Union is a sizeable and complex charity. Ruth has coped with ease with the challenge of chairing our Board of Trustees, leading on the performance management of an experienced professional chief executive and acting as ambassador for the organisation. She played an integral role in securing £20M of investment in new facilities for Kent Union, as well as steering the organisation through a series of challenging and controversial issues that have occurred over the course of the year. She led our Zero Tolerance to sexual harassment initiative, persuading Canterbury City Council to become the first licensing authority in the UK to embed the initiative in its licensing legislation. She has inspired loyalty and commitment from fellow trustees, management and the staff team through her dedication, positivity in the face of adversity, and warm and friendly approach.

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