Royal Free Charity Direct Services Pioneering Change

Royal Free Charity / Polygon PR


Traditionally NHS charities, including the Royal Free Charity, are grant-giving bodies to their parent hospital, offering no direct services to patients.

For decades it has been accepted this is the only way.

However, after extensive research with NHS patients, the Royal Free Charity saw a future which it could better help patients and staff by delivering direct services. If it worked, it would be a blueprint for NHS charities across the UK to deliver life saving work, as well as international medical charities.

The charity created a huge change programme, devising, funding, and introducing thirteen new services direct to beneficiaries, that combated twelve identified issues. It has been a massive success.

Now helping 19,500+ beneficiaries annually, the charity is the toast of its sector, and is working with dozens of similar UK and international charities to share this best practice, and ultimately save the NHS millions annually, whilst improving experiences for millions of patients, families, and NHS staff.

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