Robert Music

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust


Robert joined Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust in 2008 as the only full time employee. Under his leadership, the charity has grown to a team of 15 staff and increased income from just £149,809 (2007-8) to £1.1 million (2015-16). Cervical cancer is a preventable disease and Robert works tirelessly to drive forward the charities’ mission to create a future where it is a disease of the past, until then that every woman affected is supported and has the best care and treatment possible. Robert has worked to position cervical cancer and prevention firmly on the national health agenda and his vision, strategic development and unwavering direct involvement with service users have enabled him to be at the forefront of responding to changing needs and policy developments. Under his guidance the work of the charity has been recognised by a wide number of awards representing his diligence and commitment to best practice, evaluation and ability to demonstrate impact.

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