RNLI Brand Transformation

RNLI / Missouri Creative


What drove the change in brand?

The RNLI wanted to make its brand more identifiable and contemporary. It engaged the agency Missouri Creative to adapt the look and feel of all its communications to make them "unmistakably RNLI", even with the logo covered up.

What did the change involve?

Each piece of brand communication now reflects three key pillars of the RNLI brand personality: active, personal and reliable. Each of these are reflected through different balances of colour, typography, tone of words and photography. These balances can be toned up or down depending on the audience targeted. For example, when targeting new audiences, it emphasises the "active" side of the brand by using bold copy, action photos and vibrant colours. When communicating with local supporters, it emphasises the RNLI's more reliable side, using people photos and more reflective colours.

What difference has this made?

The new look and feel has been rolled out across the RNLI's retail platforms and packaging and its website, magazine and other communication channels. The new branding is instantly recognisable, enabling the RNLI to cut through not just other charity communications, but myriad organisations competing for attention.

What did the judges say?

Chris Michaeloudis, director of development at nim design, said: "The RNLI has been brought up to date without compromising the integrity or history of the charity, as well as addressing the different communication needs of different people."

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