Revolving Doors Agency

Established in 1993, we work to break the cycle of personal crisis and crime we call the Revolving Door. We do this by influencing policy, creating and sharing research and proposing new solutions. Unlike other organisations, we don’t focus on any single problem. Instead, we look at the whole person and the range of issues they face.

To continue as independent thought leaders, we set a goal of generating 50% of our income from social enterprise so that we could reinvest the profits in policy, research and work with experts by experience.

2017/18 has been the breakthrough year. For the third year running we achieved 50% of our income from social enterprise, and we took our turnover beyond £700k for the first time since 2012.

To achieve this we developed products for the commissioning and service provider markets. These are service evaluations where deep our understanding of complex needs is essential; lived experience consultancy services to the healthcare and criminal justice sectors; and user research.

We have used our commercial work to secure our future, and to improve commissioning and service delivery by showcasing what works and ensuring that services reflect the experiences of the people that use them.

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