Redthread's Youth Violence Intervention Programme



Redthread’s innovative Youth Violence Intervention Programme expanded significantly in the past year through increased numbers of beneficiaries, geographic reach, public profile, income and through applying learning and experience to enhance systems and processes. The programme embeds youth workers in A&E departments to work with young victims of serious youth violence, often stabbings, sexual exploitation or domestic violence. A significant increase in funding enabled programme spending to more than triple in a year. The programme was rolled out from King’s College Hospital, where it had been running on a small-scale for 10 years, to London’s three other Major Trauma Centre hospitals. Now young people from every London borough, and the surrounding areas, can access the service.

This dramatic growth prompted growth and restructuring of the entire organisation. In 2014 there were seven staff members, now there are 27, and our policies, procedures, strategic plans and data collection have all undergone major refinement. The programme has been the subject of BBC and ITV broadcasting, featured in the Huffington Post, journals and government papers such as the Home Office’s Modern Crime Prevention Strategy. Winners of the Commonwealth-wide Queen’s Young Leaders award visited the programme in 2015, and will again in 2016.

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