Preventing a public health crisis

Change Grow Live


In May 2017, CGL was called upon to transfer in staff and services from the stricken provider Lifeline. We only had a few weeks’ notice to safeguard dozens of clinical services, protect hundreds of jobs, deliver uninterrupted care to thousands of service users and reduce the risk of an immediate public health crisis.
Protecting the future of Lifeline’s services amounted to the biggest single transfer in our sector and CGL was acknowledged as the only treatment provider with the organisational structures and financial stability to do this.

The organisation had a very small space of time in which to transfer Lifeline staff to CGL and introduce them to our culture, values, systems and processes.
This involved organising numerous sessions to consult and induct staff and inform them about the TUPE process. We uploaded 1,000 staff records to our HR systems giving people access to information and resources, the staff intranet and a live training account from day one.We achieved a smooth transfer: services kept going; staff were paid on time; and service users continued to access treatment. The former Lifeline contracts we now run are stable and our staff survey revealed high levels of engagement from former Lifeline staff.

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