Phil Maguire

Prison Radio Association


Phil Maguire believes that radio can change lives; no-one in either the radio industry or the charitable sector has done more to prove it. In doing so, he has introduced this unique medium to one of the most marginalised of audiences, with inspirational results.

Phil is the founding Chief Executive of the Prison Radio Association (PRA), the charity that runs National Prison Radio (NPR), the world's first national radio station for prisoners. Since setting up the charity in 2006, his work has revolutionised how we communicate with prisoners. It has also changed the radio landscape, taking prison radio from zero to an established feature of the industry, picking up international accolades and awards along the way.

In 2016 he led the charity to the Third Sector Awards' Charity of the Year - a long and remarkable journey from its beginnings in 2004 when Phil began a six-month secondment from his job as a journalist on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show. At that stage, prison radio was just an idea.

Phil has used determination, diplomacy, talent and skill to build something that impacts many thousands of people every year. He is a uniquely gifted individual and a remarkable leader.

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