Personalised fundraiser videos

British Heart Foundation


Developing relationships with supporters is key to the ongoing success of any fundraising strategy. Sending the same comms to all participants with the odd bit of first name personalisation doesn’t stand out any more. The potential of social media to drive fundraising is diminishing as more and more demands are made by our friends and families for sponsorship for anything from running a marathon to growing a moustache. These problems are only compounded by the fact that charities can only help their fundraisers so much with tips and tricks to hit their goals.
The British Heart Foundation felt that they could do more by creating assets that put their fundraisers at the centre of the story as well as making that fundraising ask for them in an innovative and shareable way.
In the last 12 months, over three campaigns, they created personalised videos that drew data from their CRM and via the JustGiving API to create thousands of videos for their fundraisers that drove awareness, increased fundraising and helped develop a relationship between the charity and their supporters.

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