'Our Youth, Our Future' - Strengthening Adolescent and Youth Friendly Health Services

CHIVA Africa


"“There are 320,000 adolescents living with HIV in South Africa. With more than half of all HIV infections occurring in young people, the HIV epidemic in South Africa has largely become a ‘youth epidemic’.” UNAIDS 2015

CHIVA Africa’s mission is that children and adolescents living with HIV receive the care they need. In response to barriers preventing health services meeting the needs of young people we developed a new programme: ‘Our Youth, Our Future’. 

Over a period of 10 months, our teams worked alongside approximately 450 healthcare professionals in 15 health facilities. These facilities had a catchment of more than 205,000 young people. Through targeted mentoring and teaching we supported teams to transform services available to all young people in their communities.

By measuring performance throughout the programme against 10 Department of Health standards and 244 indicators we could track progress and identify areas to improve. At baseline, the average score across all facilities was 51%. At the end, the average was 97%. Behind these scores are new, targeted activities which transform health services for adolescents.

The clinic is welcoming and teaches us a lot as young people approaching adulthood. Everything we need as youth is provided.” Mluleki, eThekwin

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