Our Story

National Deaf Children's Society


We wanted our funders to better understand the challenges that deaf young people face. So we asked six inspiring young people what it’s like to be deaf, their hopes for the future and how our support has changed their lives. These experiences are at the heart of our 2015/16 impact report, called Our Story.

The report grabs attention from the start, with engaging design and content that is clearly inspired by young people. Each section is introduced by Beth (17), and includes a first person account from a young person who has received our support. Every child’s story is accompanied by colourful hand-drawn doodles that complement the narrative, as well as content from scrapbooks created by our Young People’s Advisory Board – deaf young people who inform our work. 

Our Story aims to encourage funders to continue giving support, and so far we’ve almost doubled revenue generated in previous years. Digital views and downloads have also increased by more than 100%. 

The report is a heart-felt thank you to our funders, with every page demonstrating what young people can achieve with the right support. It champions our mission – that together we can overcome the barriers that hold deaf children back.

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