Prison Radio Association


National Prison Radio has revolutionised the way we communicate in prisons. Broadcasting 24 hours a day into prison cells across England and Wales, it has become a respected and popular brand among this extremely hard-to-reach audience.

The world’s first national radio station for prisoners, it was launched in 2009 by a team of ex-BBC radio producers, primarily as a way to inform prisoners about the many services and interventions that can support them in prison. It inspires them to make the changes they need to ensure they don’t return to prison after release.

Staff work in close partnership with dozens of partner organisations to amplify their messages, with clear calls to action resulting in improved awareness and increased referral rates.

National Prison Radio’s small, committed team of professional radio producers work with prisoners to develop and produce the content. Staff also regularly visit prisons across the country to record content, ensuring a representative sound, giving as many prisoners as possible the opportunity to appear on-air, and crucially, increasing reach. In 2015, 992 prisoners contributed to programmes.

National Prison Radio is listened to by over three-quarters of the 80,000 prisoners it reaches across England and Wales.

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