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Oxfam launched the My Oxfam app in January 2017, a market-first approach that has since been touted as a potential game changer. 

The app is focused on offering Oxfam supporters an all-new level of transparency and control, in a format fit for the charitable donor of 2017. 

The app offers bite-size, people-led visual content, a dial for flexible control of any financial support, an easy preferences management facility and complete transparency of their full gift history and a content rich timeline of their support. 

The product is a first of its kind. Innovative from first concept, and throughout design, build and execution. A new level of user-friendly transparency and control for supporters. A 'first' in terms of actively offering a flexible regular gift with a direct debit controllable via a dial. The digital content such as first-person selfie-style video stories from staff and beneficiaries in the field is an all-new approach too. 

My Oxfam is ahead of its download targets, is on track with it's fundraising goals and has received hugely positive response from supporters (with app store reviews showing satisfaction at 4.8 out of 5).

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