Bliss & Pampers

For parents of babies born premature or sick, what should be a moment of pure joy is transformed into an overwhelming and often distressing experience. They are thrust into an unfamiliar, noisy and chaotic environment, and even the simplest things like finding the right sized nappy or learning to change your baby can be incredibly overwhelming. Family-centred care is designed to help parents to be more involved with their baby's care, and the partnership between Bliss and Pampers has helped to make life that little bit easier for the nearly 200,000 parents of babies in neonatal care across the UK. Together, we have enabled the distribution of free nappies specially adapted for premature babies to hospitals across the UK, developed a new information resource designed to help parents get more involved in the care of their premature or sick baby, and signposted new parents to the support that Bliss provides. Due to a fantastic TV advert and social media campaign, we have also seen a huge increase in engagement on our digital channels, and an increase in volunteer applications and donations. With the partnership still going strong, we look forward to working together to support parents for years to come.

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