MND Association

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association Campaigns Contacts team is a growing community of volunteers that work tirelessly to ensure people living with MND have access to the healthcare, social care and benefits they need.


Since 2014 our group of trained campaign leaders have been at the forefront of the MND Association’s national and local campaigning. In 2015 they drove forward a successful campaign to extend access to NHS-funded communication aids, and more recently have spoken out against cuts to vital financial support, helping to establish the principle that people with severe conditions like MND should be exempt from benefits reassessments. Locally they have influenced over 40 councils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to adopt the 5-point MND Charter, and commit to practical action such as providing training for social care staff (


Most of the Campaigns Contacts volunteers are personally affected by MND and many have lost someone to the disease. For many this is the first time in their lives they are campaigning, and they are on a journey to find their own voice, often overcoming significant personal hurdles. The transformative power of this unique team of volunteers is enormous, and deserving of recognition by the sector.

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