Men & Cancer - Don't let cancer ruin your foundations

Macmillan Cancer Support


British men are 60% more likely to develop and 70% more likely to die from cancer than women, yet Macmillan struggle to reach them with cancer information. In May 2016, we launched an integrated two-week communications campaign incorporating traditional and digital PR tactics, improving cancer awareness amongst men and empowering them to get support.

Six of our construction sector corporate partners: Travis Perkins, Benchmarx, Costain, Kier, Selco and Wolseley, were uniquely placed to help us reach men as they have majority male workforces (e.g. Travis Perkins is 66% male).

Our news story, ‘Men ‘Don’t Know How’ To Talk About Cancer’, was based on research commissioned to demonstrate the issue around men and cancer, and pitched with case studies and videos to target media.

We directly communicated with men from the construction sector through in-store marketing, creating new assets based on insight from the industry, with 88% of partners reporting that the campaign improved the cancer awareness and wellbeing of their employees. We accessed a difficult to reach audience who may have otherwise ignored potentially serious health issues.

Following this campaign’s success, Macmillan is continuing work with the construction sector this summer, further encouraging men to take control of their health.

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