Meet Bob

North Devon Hospice


Our annual review has been developed as a tool to educate the local community about the work done by the North Devon Hospice during a patient's journey through end of life care.

We wanted to engage with the community and other health care providers on what can be seen as the 'taboo' subject of death. The aim is to encourage this subject to be talked about alongside demonstrating the impact that our services can have on someone facing a life-limiting or terminal illness, and the support their loved ones can also benefit from.

The breadth of our services is a complex area to cover and sometimes difficult to articulate as we support not only the patient but their family members, from diagnosis to end of life, in their preferred place of care. With this in mind we created a clear and concise showcase of these services within our annual report, demonstrating the journey a patient may embark upon.

By developing 'Bob', a younger male character with small children we were able to compassionately focus on the support shown before and after Bob’s death for him and his family from the North Devon Hospice, which has seen great success since launch.

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