Medair UK & Qlik

We (Medair) are an international aid agency working in 12 countries. Our corporate partner, Qlik, is an international Business Intelligence software company. Our two organisations have developed a ground-breaking partnership and a strong relationship built on mutual trust. 

Over the last year, our partnership has achieved a significant, large-scale, positive impact on thousands of Syrian refugees' lives in Lebanon. Through Qlik's sophisticated software, our project has located thousands of informal settlements in the Bekaa Valley more precisely, and identified their specific needs more accurately, than would otherwise have been possible. This has enabled us and other aid agencies working in the region to provide the refugees with quicker, more extensive and more tailored support than we could have done without this technology.

This partnership brings together organisations from two distinct sectors: corporate and humanitarian. Our innovative project demonstrates that business analytics technology (developed for commercial use) can have life-saving applications in the field in the humanitarian sector. This alternative use of Qlik's software has enabled us to have a much wider impact in the region than would have been achievable otherwise.

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