Maximising value for hospice care

Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP)


HQP is the first social enterprise of its kind. It is a commercial and collaborative joint venture wholly owned by the 55 hospice partners it serves from across the UK. Its bold vision is to maximise value and ensure high quality of care for patients and families.

Focusing initially on collective procurement it has captured 37% of sector spend giving it over £370m of buying power leading to excellent supplier engagement. 5 framework agreements are in place in areas such as utilities and managed print services, and so far £90k of savings have been delivered for partners in the first year of trading - this is more than enough to pay for two new specialist palliative care nurses for a year.

In addition the first ever analysis of hospice expenditure has been undertaken and individual benchmarking reports produced for participating hospices. An online procurement dashboard has been developed and using this business information differently is helping hospices to reduce spend and increase efficiency. This is key given NHS contributions to hospices are under pressure and rising demand.

Significant process savings have also been achieved, with one hospice already having achieved over a 1,450% reduction in invoices by moving to consolidated billing.

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