Mark Norbury



UnLtd is creating a future where enterprising people are transforming our world for good.


Following his appointment as UnLtd’s CEO two years ago, Mark Norbury has led a major change in how the organisation supports social entrepreneurs and achieves lasting social change. He has transformed UnLtd’s focus on, and potential for, impact.

Mark has refocused the organisation on its purpose (three key impact areas), people and partnerships, while increasing income and visibility.

Harnessing the energy and talent of UnLtd’s team has been at the heart of Mark’s revitalisation of UnLtd. He has introduced three new core values - brave, inclusive, accountable - and built strong staff engagement.

Under Mark’s direction, UnLtd has invested in coaching and training and shifted the team from fixed term to permanent contracts – more than 90% of employees are now permanent. He has built a new exec team and Board, incorporating many social entrepreneurs with lived experience who ensure an inclusive and collaborative approach.

Mark’s passion and commitment to social entrepreneurs around the United Kingdom means UnLtd is in its strongest ever position to help social entrepreneurship go mainstream and change our society for good.

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